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If you’ve spent any time in our digital magazine, we hope you’ve noticed the Archive of past articles that is available to you. It may be displayed on the right side of your screen, or at the bottom if you are using a hand-held device. Every Feature and Column is there since we converted to digital in 2020.

We strolled through the 2022 archives and put together a selection of our best articles for the year. If you missed one, just click on the headline and you’ll go right to it.

Our goal in 2023 is the same it’s ever been: to produce quality articles on helpful topics for dry cleaners, wet cleaners and launderers across Canada and beyond. We invite your comments.

2022 Good Stuff

January — Is it a Niche or a Rut?

Great ideas often pay off; but when does a niche idea become a rut that trips you up?

February — The Nitty Gritty on Social Media Influencers

What are ‘social media influencers’, what do they do, and how can you determine if joining forces with one might improve your marketing?

March — Saluting Successful Women

There are many successful women in the Canadian fabricare industry, and we’re highlighting one women-owned business. C&K Courtesy Cleaners Ltd., in Surrey, BC, is owned by partners Charlotte Morton and Khanh Chau—hence the C&K. They purchased an existing business in 1990, which had only been open about 18 months. 32 years later, they are still successfully in business, and in the same location.

April — Recycle Yourself and Your Business Strategies

April is a good month to think about a new kind of recycling. Recycle yourself and different aspects of your business for a fresh outlook and new energy.

May — Maintenance for the Unable and Unwilling

You cannot be in this business without equipment. So let Kevin Marois make some suggestions for things you can do without getting your hands dirty. Taking control of this area of your business doesn’t mean you have to hold the screwdriver.

June — How Open are Your Doors?

More than 20% of all Canadians have a disability—many of them struggle physically every day to do things you may take for granted. Have you looked at your premises though the eyes of the physically challenged with an eye to making things easier for everyone?

July — Lights, Camera, Dry Cleaning!

Summer calls for easy reading, so July called for a light-hearted column. Linley McConnell is always pleasantly surprised when a dry cleaner makes its way to the big screen. Here’s a roundup of her favourite dry cleaning related movie and TV clips.

August — Clean Show Wrap Up

A diary of experiences each day of the show. Even if you were there, you didn’t see everything!

September — You Need a Plan for This

If you are like most employers in our industry, an awful lot of your truly skilled employees fall into the 55 to 64 category–and they may be planning to retire when you least expect it. Think you have another 10 years with them? Think again.

October — “Air” on the Side of Caution

What’s an air dryer? How does it work? Do you need one? Kevin Marois has some opinions on it.

November — Change is Hard

Change is stressful. How can you prepare your team for a transition? There are four main areas that you need to consider when you implement a new machine.

December — Canadian Industry Person of the Year

Saluting Carlos Fernandes of Jensen USA for his commitment and excellence in our industry.

And don’t forget the 2023 Buyer’s Guide!

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