Light where you need it from Reliable

There are areas in your plant where you need more light, like at the tailoring station or the spotting table or the quality control section. A new light from Reliable, the UberLight Flex, comes in three styles — mounted, clamping or with a floor base. It includes a 26.5″ silicone gooseneck that positions the light and maintains its shape. The lighted head rotates 270 degrees. Powered by either USB or a power brick for regular plug-in, the lamp can be moved where it is needed most.

9 brightness settings are said to make for more accurate colour matching, and include Warm White, Natural White and Ultra Bright. The light levels represent 2, 4 and 6 watt settings, and it is said to produce up to 600 lumens.

The lamps retail from $49 – $79 U.S., depending on base configuration.

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