Lavatec’s LavaCascade Drying System said to generate energy savings of 50% or more.

Lavatec’s LavaCascade Drying System

Beacon Falls, CT – January 27, 2021 – Lavatec has developed LAVACascade drying system, an innovative and patented solution said to satisfy customer needs and save on energy costs by at least 50%.

LAVACascade is a three-tiered system. The first phase introduces high heat to the laundry load. A middle stage recaptures waste heat to maintain a consistent temperature, followed by a final cooling stage. Each phase takes only a few minutes to complete.

A 2010 German Federal Statistical study that analyzed the total energy consumption of 3,800 laundry and dry-cleaning businesses, reported that 90% of the total amount of energy consumed was used for the heating of water.

“With our customers looking to reduce costs and meet new coming regulatory mandates, the reduction of energy and emissions has the complete attention of commercial laundry operators,” said Thrasher.

LAVACascade compliments operations with a high amount of full dry linen. This includes but is not limited to those washing towels for the hospitality, healthcare and uniform cleaning segments, as well as mats and mops used to clean floors at these facilities.

After the initial installation to regional service provider Coberger Handtuch of Rodental, Germany, the company says it is in discussions with several operators in North America and hopes to announce additional new orders soon. For more information, visit

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