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Tingue, Brown & Co. Acquires Cramer Co.

Peachtree City, GA: Tingue, Brown & Co. announces the acquisition of Toronto-based Cramer Co. by its Canadian subsidiary, Tingue Canada, effective January 15, 2021.

Ty Acton, Tingue’s president, shared, “We’re very happy for David Cramer, who ran a terrific business starting back in 1978. We’re also excited for the opportunity to expand our service to Canadian laundry operators going forward.”

Tingue has had a presence in the Canadian laundry market since the 1970’s as well, having first worked through a variety of distributors, before eventually recognizing that its direct sales effort was what the market demanded.

Tingue expanded on its investment in its Canadian customers when it opened an office and warehouse in Orillia, Ontario in 2015. Acton explains, “Our Canadian friends have told us for years that we need local representation and a local distribution center in order to succeed.” As part of this new deal, Tingue Canada has made a long-term commitment to Cramer Co’s convenient Toronto-area location. Several of Cramer Co.’s key employees will join the established Tingue Canada team, led by Orillia, Ontario’s Patrick Robertson, who joined Tingue Canada in 2013.

David Tingue, CEO of Tingue, Brown & Co., added, “Ty has done an exemplary job navigating the two parties through this international acquisition process. We have coveted the Canadian laundry market for a long time and this acquisition is yet another example of the financial commitment we are willing to make to serve the laundry industry.”