APRIL FOCUS: Value-Adding Ideas

You probably hear the phrase “added value” all the time, but what does it mean when it comes to dry cleaning or laundry? The purpose of added value is to make the customer experience so good, they won’t consider going anywhere else. All this month we’ll talk about how to do that in your business.

First, let’s clarify something. Value-added is something the CUSTOMER likes. It may take you a bit of work, and sometimes it’s a headache, but its not about you! The things that draw customers back, and make them tell others about your services, are what we’re looking for.

An article last year in Podium online magazine was entitled, “Strategies to Improve Customer Experience for Dry Cleaners.” The article gave ten ideas:

  1. Implement Mobile Payment
  2. Foster Real-time Communication
  3. Offer Personalized Service
  4. Enhance Pickup and Delivery Services
  5. Focus on Staff Training
  6. Reward Customer Loyalty
  7. Maintain a Clean Environment
  8. Provide Transparency
  9. Utilize Online Reviews
  10. Send Reminders and Updates

You can read the article for details here.

Do you have a clever added-value practice that your customers just love? Tell us about it!

Out of Their Minds


One way to look at Value-Added services is to look at your business like your customers would like to look at it: they don’t want to think about it at all. If you are out of their minds but handling their needs, that is perfect service to a customer.

Join us as we look at one company that knows Value-Added and presents it beautifully.



HLAC’s dedication to excellence in Healthcare Laundry Accreditation has brought it the prestigious AHE (Association for the Health Care Environment) Seal of Review and Recognition. “This honor is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing top-tier quality and safety in all facets of laundry operations” HLAC said.

The AHE Seal of Review and Recognition Program is designed to be a comprehensive review and formalized recognition process aimed at assisting professionals in selecting training and in-service programs for the health care environment.

For providers of health care training and in-service programs, the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition is a respected symbol, providing acknowledgment that a training or education program is a recognized resource for environmental services and multi-disciplinary professionals.

The AHE Seal of Review and Recognition is a trademark of AHE, all rights reserved.

Reminder to all Canadian users of tetrachloroethylene (PERC or PCE)

Environment and Climate Change Canada’s regulations regarding the use of PERC or PCE are extensive, so it’s understandable if you don’t remember all of them. Periodically, the department asks that you review them.

READ THEM IN INDUSTRY NEWS (English and French version posted)


The worst day ever

Things go wrong in your plant all the time, but today is the day from you-know-where.

You arrive to find your security alarm battery died, and you can’t make it stop beeping. You replace the battery and peace is restored. Or is it?


All this month we’ll be saluting those who know which button to press, which hose to replace, where the blockage is, how to get things back in sync.

We’d love to hear your story of a situation where your mechanic was able to save the day. Send us a quick email and we’ll feature it: becca@fabricarecanada.com.

An Interview with
a Magician


You’re probably afraid to ask your mechanic some of the questions we asked ours, because the longer they are in your plant, the more money they cost you. So we’ve saved you the expense and pinned down Kevin Marois of Integrity Mechanical on some behind-the-curtain thoughts.

Read it here…

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Buy Yourself Some Magic

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Kevin Marois
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This is a great time to be in this industry. We have equipment that reduces the strain on your workers. It allows you to use less skilled staff but still produce well finished garments. These machines and chemicals will save you labour – if you are willing to use them.


Unlocking Customer Attention

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Linley McConnell

You love your machines. They do wonderful things! They make a living for you. Wouldn’t it be great if your customers were as enraptured with all that technology? Linley has a simple way to unlock your customers’ attention and get them to understand and appreciate all that magic behind the curtain.