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Association of Wedding Gown Specialists anticipates big 2021

Lowers membership fee by 75% through June 30.

There is huge pent-up demand for all things wedding and formal since Covid-19 cause the postponement of so many gatherings. Brides who had a small ceremony may well come back with a big one this year. Are you positioned to handle the business this will generate?

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DLI March webinar schedule

Members can choose from a nice selection of webinars in March, including such topics as restoration, dye stains, customer service, a price increase system, reputation management, making attention-getting videos, and computer security, as well as panel discussions on relevant subjects.

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Final forum from America’s Best Cleaners generated great ideas

If you didn’t take part in the forums, you missed a lot. Here’s our summary of the final forum, with plenty of nuggets for you.

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February Columnists:

Kevin Marois

Is your passion showing?

When people talk about you, do they know what you are passionate about? Can they see it in your eyes or hear it in your voice? How you feel about your business comes out in everything you do. What’s showing at your place?

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Linley McConnell

5 Podcasts to help you beat the winter blues

Whether you’re looking for a spark of business inspiration or something to pull you away you from the toxic news cycle, here are five podcasts to help you beat the winter blues.

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Passion for Laundry


She never thought of owning laundromats, but it was the perfect fit and it’s prospering with Wash/Fold services even in pandemic.

Read how Nathalie Beaubien became the Laundry Queen (her email handle) and grew to love all things laundry.

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