Part 4: New Equipment Showcase


As we continue our tour through new equipment the manufacturers have put forward for your consideration, this week we focus on Colmac.

Editor’s Note: Normally, we would edit the descriptive statements about equipment to align with our editorial standards. However, we gave these manufacturers free rein to tell us what is great about their latest offerings. We give them to you here uncensored.


From innovative tunnel finishers to conveyor chain systems, Colmac is intent on raising the bar in your plant.

CUBE Laundry Tunnel Finisher

The Colmac Cube tunnel finisher delivers steam and air mixing throughout the entire
machine leading to an improved garment finish. Active interior walls force steam and air onto the
garments from the sides to increase wrinkle removal. The Cube’s bi-directional layout allows
garments to enter or exit from either the side or end of the tunnel, providing flexibility in plant
layouts. The Cube easily expands oƯering production rates of 1,000 to 5,000 pieces per
hour. Multiple installations by a variety of customers proves the Cube is the future of tunnel

Visit the website for more information.

Watch a detailed video on how it works:

Pendant Conveyor and Chain Systems

Standard Chain
Carrier Chain

Colmac’s proprietary material selection and component design are credited with the enhancements in durability. The unique design of the carry pendant allows for the hanger to smoothly slide when transferring between conveyors.

  • Verified Strength through Independent third-party testing:
    • Yield Strength: 19.7 ksi at .2%
    • Ultimate Tensile Strength: 29.3 ksi
  • Proprietary Material Selection
  • Unique Carry Pendant for Smooth Hanger Transition
  • Standard 3.125” Spacing
  • Fits Existing Conveyor Layouts
  • Easy Add-On to Existing Chain Loops
  • Purchase by the Foot

All Colmac chain is assembled in the USA and comes standard with a one-year warranty.

See it in action in a brief video:

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