Innovation in spite of Pandemic

Without a doubt, we are living in unprecedented times and it’s been an extremely difficult year for everyone. Companies have had to become more creative and innovative in how they conduct business. Through it all, they have found ways to carry on and continue to produce quality products that will, in turn, help others to thrive. We looked to companies within the industry to give us their best innovations from the past 14 months. Here is what we found:

RFAID™ systems – Datamars

The objective of an RFAID system is to identify and track textiles with a high level of accuracy for inventory management. Taking this technology further, Datamars has developed a new generation of reading systems using Artificial Intelligence technologies. The technology includes the use of neural networks and machine-learning algorithms. This enhanced system has the ability to learn and improve automatically through usage, resulting in exceptional accuracy of textile identification in the industrial laundry sector.

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BACSTOP™ OPL – Edmar Chemical Company

Focusing primarily on health care laundry, Edmar has introduced the BacStop™ OPL residual sanitizer for textiles. A ready-to-use product designed for on-premise laundry and smaller machines, the sanitizer eliminates 99.9% of infectious bacteria on clothes in the wash by electromagnetically bonding to the clothes, while continuing to eliminate infectious bacteria even after the clothes have left the wash. Many sectors can benefit from the use of this product, including hospitality, nursing homes, athletic teams, day cares, schools, correctional, institutional.

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LAVACascade Drying System – Lavatec Laundry Technology Inc.

Mounting pressure to reduce CO2 emissions, the coming of new regulatory mandates, and the need to save on energy costs, have led Lavatec to develop an innovative drying system that reduces energy costs by at least 50% and energy consumption by as much as 75%. The LAVACascade drying system is a quick and simple, three-tiered system: The first phase introduces high heat to the laundry load. The second stage recaptures waste heat from laundry dryers to maintain a consistent temperature, followed by cooling in the last stage. Each phase takes only a few minutes to complete. The LAVACascade system is beneficial to commercial laundry operations with significant volumes in full dry linen, such as towels for hospitality and health care, uniforms, as well as mats and mops for these same industries and any other high-volume items that typically need a long drying time.

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Leonard Personnel Protective Barrier system (PPB) – Leonard Automatics

In direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Leonard Automatics developed the Leonard Personnel Protective Barrier system (PPB) to provide enhanced protection of production workers. Simple to install, this expandable protective barrier can be used as an added layer of protection in facilities, or in cases where protective equipment may be scarce or restrictive, by providing protective separation between workers. The Leonard PPB is useful where social distancing is not achievable – such as tunnel finishing hanging lines, large- and small-piece folders, soil sorting, etc.

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Ultra Intense® – Seitz–The Fresher Company

Converting from hydrocarbon to an alternative solvent has become easier with the Seitz–The Fresher Company’s new solvent conversion system Ultra Intense. Switching solvents can be a costly and time-consuming exercise due to the need to drain and dispose of current solvents, the cleaning of machines and filter changes. This can run the average plant operator approximately $5,000 plus a full weekend of downtime. And in the current environment, it’s something many cleaners just can’t afford. With Ultra Intense it’s as simple as adding the solvent conversion liquid to your current hydrocarbon solvent, allowing an easy transition to the Intense solvent product line. The conversion system is not a temporary booster, but rather a binding system that converts the solvent permanently.

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