Part 3: New Equipment Showcase

Installment 3 in the Series

As we continue our tour through new equipment the manufacturers have put forward for your consideration, this week we focus on several companies.


PrimeDry® 125 – 200 lb. Capacity Dryer

Braun’s PrimeDry is available in Gas or Steam models.

This dryer is extremely productive and highly efficient – the gas dryer produces three loads per hour vs. competitor machines producing only one load per hour! (Up to 175 lb. loads), and the steam dryer produces two + loads per hour vs. competitor machines producing only one load per hour, also up to 175 lb. loads.

Standard features include, but are not limited to:

  • Side-by-side dryer design construction and throughput capabilities significantly reduces floor space
  • Disassembly feature – the top is removable to fit the dryer through a standard commercial double doorway
  • Split panel control boxes – separating low and high voltage – an exceptional safety feature!
  • Gas model – modulating gas valve for precise temperature control
  • Steam heated dryers feature two steam assemblies to maximize heat transfer, yielding exceptional dryer times and dryer efficiency
  • Automatic fire suspension system (standard on all Braun dryers)
  • Easily accessible lint drawer allowing operators to remove accumulated lint during routine operation
  • Stainless steel basket
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of maintenance

For more information visit:


SynchroPro Ironer Line Feeding Machine

The SynchroPro includes SwiftCare, which combines speed, ease in the feeding process, and an ideal workplace environment.

SwiftCare combines uncompromising feeding performance, safe item transport and edge quality for the highest precision. This is made possible by the four innovative points of SwiftCare:

  • The innovative design of the synchro clamp — it enables reliable fast spreading, releasing and depositing of a wide variety of articles. Thick or thin, small or large, polyester or 100% cotton? It doesn’t matter! The large, wide-open clamping area defines the process entry and is fast and gentle on the linen.
  • The driving force of servotronic — it combines servo electronics, servo drive and sensor technology to achieve higher acceleration and ensures transport precision as well as process stability. Operators won’t have to wait for the next item, resulting in shorter process time.
  • The moving benefits of the swivable bar — faster feeding process with ideal depositing and tension for a wide range of articles. Its lift function ensures the highest edge quality on the market.
  • With the swivable bar, the leading edge gets into the feeder with perfect quality. The item is elegantly picked up, gently laid down without overspreading and fixed with the strong vacuum without a clamping bar.
  • The 5-fold vacuum power — it is the five times higher vacuum force which synchronizes the transfer and clamping bar-free article guidance.

Whether the items are heavy or light, the vacuum gives maximum support and the improved article transport is faster and more reliable than ever before.

For more information:  Linen Feeding as a Complete Symphony: The New SynchroPro: Kannegiesser – Global

The MyKannegiesser APP offers a comprehensive platform for Kannegiesser customers, featuring a user-friendly interface with access to machine information, a webshop with over 70,000 spare parts, and more than 400 instructional service videos, ensuring faster, intuitive, and convenient management of laundry operations.

For more information: myKannegiesser – the online gateway to Kannegiesser: Kannegiesser – Global

Pellerin Milnor


The MWF36 is Milnor’s latest addition to its MWF-Series soft-mount washer-extractor line. This 80 lb machine promotes savings and programming flexibility fit for both commercial and industrial laundry application.

Available with either E-P Plus® or MilTouch™ controls, the MWF36 also features a dynamically tuned suspension system that allows for a more compact design and reduced maintenance. Additional features include tall ribs for enhanced M.A.F. (Mechanical Action Factor) and superior open area to promote greater interchange of chemistry and water in the load. The MWF36 comes equipped with Milnor’s exclusive RinSave® water saving software, reducing up to two rinse steps and saves water, energy and time.

For more information:

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