New Year, New Vocabulary

2020 was unspeakably chaotic. Our entire vocabulary changed, and words we’d never even thought about became common. Here’s 2020 in A to Z.

Air hugs

Border closures

Cough into your elbow


Essential businesses

Fourteen days…



Infection rates

Jammies for workwear

Kids homeschooling



No gatherings

Online shopping



Restaurant take-out


Temperature checks



Work from home

Xenophobia (fear of strangers)

Yardwork for entertainment


The fact that it only took me a few minutes to complete that list shows how thoroughly Covid-19 invaded every aspect of our society – and every letter of our alphabet – in 2020. I know you are longing for a fresh New Year, just like me.

I want to shake hands without flinching. I want to hug people I love, whenever I want to. I want to get on a plane and have no greater worry than obediently checking whether the emergency exit is in front or behind me. I want to gather a table full of friends and go out to a restaurant and take our time enjoying the evening. I want to make a bonfire in the back yard consisting of just masks! I want to attend regional festivals celebrating everything from blueberries to County Fairs to music. I want to go to writers conferences and industry shows and take a vacation.

I refuse to give up the hope that we can have all those things back, so I am beginning 2021 with hope, confidence and enthusiasm. I’ll get us started on our new vocabulary list.


Begin again



The rest is up to you.

See you on the other side!
– Becca Anderson