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Linley McConnell

2024 is around the corner and marketers have a lot to look forward to. Digital marketing, specifically the use of sophisticated technology, will continue to play a prominent role in the new year. Sometimes these types of marketing tactics feel out of reach for small businesses like ours. That’s why I’ve also included ways to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

AI Tools

At this point, you’re tired hearing about AI, but ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is affecting everything. If you need a refresher, AI is the simulation of human intelligence by machines and combines computer science and data to enable problem solving. There are several AI tools in the market, with the most notable being chatbot platforms ‘Chat GPT’ by OpenAI. Chat GPT is like having a supercomputer at your fingertips. You can query or ask Chat GPT to write you a 5000-word essay on aviation safety or generate a discounted cash flow model. AI doesn’t stop at text-based tools. A suite of AI image and music tools can generate graphic design campaigns, LinkedIn headshots, music, and more. It is critical to understand the basics of AI and how it will affect your business.

How to Apply it in Your Business

  • Ask OpenAI to write customer service email responses for generic questions
  • Ask OpenAI to create your 2024 financial sales forecast or marketing budget
  • Use a tool like Headshot Pro to generate a new corporate headshot for LinkedIn
  • Use a tool like Sound Draw to create royalty-free music for a marketing video or social campaign
  • Play around with generating images from your search words in MidJourney

Tip: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start small. Create your free Chat GPT account at and start to play around with the it by asking it to generate a few simple outputs.

Live Selling

Live selling – you mean like the Shopping Channel? Sort of. Live selling or selling product to viewers in real-time has become increasingly popular with the emergence of Instagram Live Tik Tok. Marketers believe that live selling is the best way to market to a Gen Z. Why? Live selling blends entertainment, content, and commerce all in one. Let’s use an example. Peterborough’s ‘Couture Candy’ is live streaming picking and packing their client orders on Tik Tok and Instagram every Thursdays. Their clients or prospective clients may tune in to learn more about the business and see them packing their product in action. When a new order comes in, they call out the individual’s name and share who the order is for. Think of it like an old school radio shout out. Because our industry is service based, it’s more challenging to ‘live sell,’ but possible. Use Instagram Live and Tik Tok to draw engagement to your business.

How to Apply it in Your Business

  • Create a Tik Tok account for your business – all you need is an email or phone number
  • Film yourself or one of your team members working on a stain – this can be live or a pre-recorded video you post later
  • Film a video of a team member answering the most frequent questions like ‘what is dry cleaning’ or how do you press a shirt
  • For our suppliers reading this, host a zoom session to share some of the latest and greatest products you’re carrying for the 2024 year

Tip: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. While some videos on social media are high-quality, the majority are taken with an smart phone with no plan ahead of time! Don’t think you need to get it perfect. Put some videos out there, get feedback, and pivot from there.

Hyper Personalization

With more available at our fingertips, brands are continuing to look for opportunities to create hyper-personalized or ‘custom’ offers and experiences for their clients. For big brands, this means intensely analyzing client data to better understand what ads and products to use to drive more sales. For businesses like ours, this means creating an experience that puts the client first and caters to their pain points. We are fortunate to know our clients’ names, about their families, and have an existing level of trust that other businesses don’t have. Use this to your advantage.

How to Apply it in Your Business

  • Start small, if you’re using a point-of-sale system, make sure you’re pulling the ‘name’ token to incorporate the customer’s name in your emails; if you don’t have an email program, make sure you are using their name when they come into your store
  • Take advantage of automated marketing tools like SMRT or Cleaner Marketing that can celebrate a client’s anniversary with your business
  • If you offer more than one type of packaging option, advertise it to new and existing clients to show how they can personalize their order
  • If you offer wash and fold, make sure to advertise if you have different detergent or product types – people like choices – but not too many!
  • Consider how you can make your pick-up and delivery system or sign-up process more simple

Tip: Our industry is already an intensely personal service. Make sure to acknowledge clients by their name in person or through digital communications. Think of how you can advertise ways to personalize your service, whether it’s choosing packaging preferences, the type of cleaning technique (dry cleaning/wet cleaning) or adding personalized notes to orders.

What marketing tactic are you looking forward to testing in 2024? Share in the comments below.

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