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Linley McConnell

What would an equipment showcase be without the mention of Metalprogetti? The company continues to be an industry innovator and pioneer, recognizing that a ‘one size fits all’ solution is not possible in the textile care space. Rather than focusing on products, Metalprogetti builds solutions, in both design and cost, to help companies like yours level up.

This month I sat down with Nathaniel Dubasik, Sales and Operations Manager at Metalprogetti to learn more about the company and what’s in store for 2024.

I’m always curious to learn how people got their start in the industry. When did you start working at Metalprogetti?

Nathaniel Dubasik

I started my journey with Metalprogetti in 2007. During that period, the company, founded in Italy, was expanding its North American presence. When I joined, my initial role was to develop and manage the support department. From there, I transitioned to work in our warehouse, then to project management, and then into my current position in sales.

Some people may not know that my family owns a dry cleaning business. This background provides me with invaluable insights to understand the needs of business owners who Metaprojetti aims to help. This subject matter expertise benefits my career in sales. Witnessing firsthand the impact of automation on a small business, I appreciate how our products can reduce challenges and enhance business operations.

Metaprojetti has been a game-changer for many companies in our industry. For those who don’t know, can you tell us about Metalprogetti?

Definitely! Metalprogetti is an Italian automation and technology company that focuses on the movement, sortation, and dispensing of textiles. We are best known for our automatic assembly, bagging solutions, and our 24-hour kiosks.

When you say textiles, does that mean you work with industries other than dry cleaning and laundry?

Yes, exactly. We work in uniform and linen rental. We also have dispensing and uniform management systems for hotels and hospitals and provide high-end solutions for personal wardrobes and retail space.

Are you telling me that there are people who have a Metalprogetti in their walk-in closet?? That’s incredible. I’d be happy to be a product tester if you need someone… Seriously though, successful companies need to continuously evolve. How is Metalprogetti leveling up this year? Is there anything we need to know about?

With the change to the dry cleaning industry and the ongoing consolidation of smaller cleaners into larger dry cleaning outfits, Metalprogetti has been focusing on the development of our 24-hour kiosk. Our kiosk allows for total automation, enabling our customers to use this technology to manage all types of locations. We have dry cleaning customers running completely employee-free locations.

Incredible. I know labour continues to be a pain point for so many. How else have you seen our industry change over the past 10 years?

I believe the industry is slowly consolidating into a few larger businesses and less small operators. This has to do with the cost of operating and as you said, the labor challenges in our industry. I think this will be an important thing that helps the industry survive the changing climate.

Kiosks are certainly a huge area of discussion right now and I know a few business owners who have installed them and are loving the results.

Without a doubt, kiosks are a great investment. As I said, they reduce labour costs and will change the way your business operates by reducing the need for redundant positions in your employee pool. We believe it is one of the largest changes our industry has seen. Any dry cleaner can benefit from a kiosk. It will completely change the way you manage your business.

What if a plant owner is looking to do more with Metalprogetti?

We can help design a plant that is fully automated to assemble, bag, label, and sort with one person loading a conveyor.

I’ve only seen one fully automated plant. It’s incredible—and the dream for Gibson’s one day! What is the biggest plant you’ve designed for?

We have done automated solutions for plants that do 12,000 pieces per day.

Wow! We have readers from all sizes of business, and we know that bigger doesn’t always mean better—what about the smallest facility?

We designed a fully automated assembly with bagging and separate storage with the ability to use a kiosk for dispensing and a route storage arm in under 1,500 square feet.

Nathaniel, thank you so much for your time. To end, I’m curious to know what you looking forward to doing this summer?

Professionally, we are looking forward to completing the installation of our distribution at our operating test facility in Fort Collins. Personally, I am looking forward to my trip to Italy with my wife and children and, also visiting our factory in Perugia, Italy.

Bellissimo! That sounds like an amazing trip. If our readers want to see an Metalprogetti live in person at a show this year, where can they find you?

We will be at the SDA show in San Antonio, DLI expo east & west.

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