Bingeworthy Videos to Build Your Business

After many months of home time, it’s probably safe to assume that most of us have exhausted the current Netflix lineup and are in need of a change. Maybe something industry related to help get your mind back in focus? After searching the web, we found lots of great content, including ‘how to’ and ‘how stuff works’ videos, and others that are filled with great ideas and helpful tips. Here’s just a sample of what’s out there:

How to Fix

Sometimes when an equipment problem arises, there isn’t always time to wait for a service call. Often it’s something you could easily fix yourself. Knowing this, some suppliers have posted excellent ‘How to fix’ videos on their websites to help.

Dexter Step-by-step videos on programming and servicing equipment.

Environment Canada – Handling Perc and Perc waste water.

Fulton ENDURA boiler gas valve commissioning – Step-by-step guide.

Fulton How to troubleshoot Fulton SOLA Lockout 67 ILK.

GreenEarth CleaningManually spinning your spin disc filter (Union HL860).

Unipress Technical information and padding videos.

How Stuff Works

Maybe you have an interest in how things work? There are a number of informative videos posted, showing the ins and outs of different products and systems used in the industry.

A.L. Wilsonspot removal demos.

GreenEarth – The GreenEarth Cleaning System.

Jensen – Efficient laundry management made by Jensen in practice – at A&M Basse Meuse, Belgium.

Kannegiesser presents ‘The entire world of laundry technology’.

Milnor How does PulseFlow technology work?

Unimac Case study of ARC of Baldwin County using Unimac commercial laundry equipment in their program.

Just because

Ever wanted to see what really goes into the installation and start-up of a complete laundry system? Here are two awesome time-elapsed videos showing just that.

Installation and start-up of a CBW system in Sweden.

The dismantling and extraction of a Jensen Senking tunnel batch washer out of a hospital laundry in Germany.


Representatives from Kreussler Inc. recently took part in a live forum (hosted by Suds Laundry in the Philippines) talking about laundry safety during the current pandemic. Lots of information and ideas were discussed; they are easily transferable to the North American market.


If you’re looking for a bit of humour in your day, there is a dedicated YouTube channel hosted by a young chap who reviews washing machines. The channel is FlorenceBallardA3060 and is named in memory of The Supremes’ founder and original lead singer – Florence Glenda Ballard and his favourite washing machine of all time – the Hoover A3060 Electronic 1100 (1978). We kid you not.

Below is a review of the Speed Queen SCN020 20-lb. Commercial Washing Machine. Enjoy!

There’s plenty more out there, so put down the TV remote, save the Downton Abbey DVDs for later, and glean some of the great ideas and information available to you online.

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