Part 2: New Equipment Showcase

Installment 2 in the Series

As we continue our tour through new equipment the manufacturers have put forward for your consideration, this week we focus on Lavatec.

Editor’s Note: Normally, we would edit the descriptive statements about equipment to align with our editorial standards. However, we gave these manufacturers free rein to tell us what is great about their latest offerings. We give them to you here uncensored.


LT-series tunnel washers

For water conservation, energy efficiency and high performance, nothing in the marketplace can match the Lavatec LT-series of continuous tunnel washers. These custom designed machines are reliable, help prolong linen life, and are manufactured to run for 20 years or more with proper maintenance. The lowest cost-to-own CTW machines on the market, they deliver more throughput in a shorter amount of time to help make your labor situation more effective and produce greater savings. Each double drum section can be designed for temperature and level control and fitted for heating, draining and chemical injection.

Learn how it can help your operation by contacting a Lavatec sales rep at 203-632-8777 or visit

LAVACascade drying system

The amazing LAVACascade continuous drying system from Lavatec provides commercial and industrial laundry operators with a truly new way to make their facilities more energy efficient and profitable. The impressive, three-tiered system is designed to recover and re-use waste heat for a more efficient drying method. It achieves energy savings of 70% compared to a standard dryer; reduces both processing time and downtime; increases linen throughput with less wear and tear, and lessens the ecological impact by decreasing cycle time and lowering CO2 emissions. Watch the video at to see how it can help your operation, or call 203-632-8777 and talk to one of our sales representatives.

LAVARail material handling

Lavatec is recognized for its outstanding automated continuous tunnel washers and washer extractors. Connecting them to the LAVARAIL material handling system helps any size operation run more efficiently by transporting soiled and clean textiles efficiently throughout a facility. The stainless steel, space-saving monorail system provides direct and automatic loading and can handle large volumes for maximum productivity. Custom-built conveyors and carousels give an operator the capability to minimize touches by sorting multiple customers in one bin. It is available with recirculated or paired looping. For more information contact your Lavatec representative or visit the website.

LX300 Washer Extractor series

When needing the ultimate in productivity and reliability, look no further than Lavatec’s LX300 washer extractor series. The high performance machines are designed to run for many years with simple, regular maintenance. Featuring six stainless steel and cost efficient machines, they range in size from 80 to 530 pound capacity, including the 250-pound LX325. With a single inverter drive motor that applies power for the lowest energy consumption at any speed, it leads to high extraction rates and reduced drying times that improve your bottom line. Learn how the LX series can help your operation by speaking with one of our sales representatives. Call 203-632-8777 or visit the Lavatec website.

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