Resolution Revolution

Get your business into gear in 2023

Linley McConnell

The new year symbolizes a fresh start for both you and your business. It’s time to eliminate negative habits that are no longer serving you, and rather, lean into opportunities that will set you up for success. Here are a few suggestions that may spark action in 2023.

1. Join a Business Group

Most successful business owners are involved in a business group. Business groups are an opportunity to network and learn from other like-minded individuals. Perhaps this is the year to invest in your personal and professional growth and take part in one.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) – For the owner focused on exponential growth

With over 16,000 leaders across 60 countries, Entrepreneurs Organization helps to support entrepreneurs achieve their full potential through a collaborative approach to discussing their business challenges. All EO members are put into a forum or chapter group that meet monthly to discuss business challenges and goals. Of the groups listed in this column, EO is the most exclusive and expensive, and requires a formal application. Learn more about EO.

Methods for Management (MfM) – For the owner who wants to implement systems and processes

Founded in 1953, Methods for Management is a management consulting firm specific to the fabricare industry; it assists business owners to achieve their personal and professional goals. The firm consists of business experts who advise on different business functions. MfM offers both individual consulting services and facilitates ‘management bureau peer groups’. Management Bureaus aim to enhance the success and profitability of each participant’s organization and includes regular meetings and site visits to group members’ plants; members are from noncompeting markets. Learn more about MfM.

Maverick Mastermind (Dave Coyle) – For owners who want to better themselves and their business

Dave Coyle

Dave Coyle, owner of In the Bag Cleaners, facilitates several mastermind groups through his other company, Maverick Dry Cleaners. Coyle’s mastermind groups are intended for high achievers and aim to connect with business owners on similar situations to be solutions-oriented. Coyle’s group is differentiated by the fact it is designed for ‘dry cleaning owners who want to get the maximum amount of profit out of their dry cleaning business.’ Learn more about joining a Maverick Mastermind group.

Inner Circle (DLI) with Diana Volmer – For the owner who’s curious but not ready for the time commitment

Diana Volmer of Ascend Consulting Group is a well-known industry consultant who works with a number of industry experts. Through the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI), Diana facilitates quarterly half-day sessions with fabricare owners remotely through Zoom. Topics covered include best practices, benchmarking, and more. Members are from competitive markets and range in size and tenure. The group is priced at US$99/month for DLI members and US$198/month for non-DLI members. Learn more.

2. Read a Business Book

I think we all wish we had more time to read. Whether you like an ‘old-fashioned’ paperback or listen to audiobooks, perhaps make it a resolution to read or listen to a management-focused book for 10–15 minutes per day.

Traction – Gino Wickman

In Traction, author Gino Wickman outlines how to implement a business method called the ‘Entrepreneur Operating System’ or EOS. Business owners across industries have praised the book for enhancing their business through its easy-to-use and streamlined systems and processes. Learn more about Traction.

The Gap and the Gain – The High Achievers’ Guide to Confidence, Happiness, and Success – Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Harvey

If you’re looking for a book that’s less business focused and more centred on personal development, try out The Gap and the Gain. Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Harvey outline how to use positive psychology to better your relationships and enhance your mental well being. The ‘Gap and the Gain’ concept was developed by coach Dan Sullivan based on his work with other business owners and focuses on celebrating your progress to further motivation, rather than critically analyzing where you’ve fallen short. Learn more about The Gap and the Gain.

3. Listen to a Podcast

I like to listen to podcasts in the car on my way to work. You can access podcasts or radio shows through the Podcast App (a purple icon) on your iPhone or through music streaming platforms like Apple Music, or Spotify. Podcasts can be streamed or played through Bluetooth or directly from your phone. Here are two suggestions for your commute!

The Modern Customer

A wonderful characteristic about podcasts is that they are quite niche. The Modern Customer, by Blake Morgan, focuses on customer experience and the future of customer service. Each podcast is under 30 minutes and focuses on topics like retail trends, case studies of businesses excelling at offering a superior customer service, and interviews with top retail executives. Learn more.

Business of Fashion

Business of Fashion (BoF) is a media platform dedicated to covering the latest news in fashion and retail. Their podcast brings together industry experts in a panel discussion to comment on the future of retail, and prides itself on taking a fashion-oriented perspective. A new podcast is released weekly. Learn more.

What’s your resolution? Whether it’s joining a business group, reading more consistently, adding a podcast to your morning routine, or something entirely different, we wish you the best of luck!

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