Been there, done that survey

And the answers are….

We asked you fun survey questions to lighten the mood about the last few months, and here’s what you had to say.

  1. Rolls of Toilet Paper — I think we’ve found the rolls missing from the grocery store! 80% responded they either had between 11 and 20 rolls on hand, or that they could open their own store. Good to know.
  2. WORST thing about quarantine — People were pretty evenly split between forgetting what day it is, finding themselves binge-watching old movies and TV shows, and regretting that they could not travel.
  3. BEST thing about quarantine — Hands down, people were pleased by the let-up from everyday pressure, with 80% saying they forget what day it is. It really can be nice when that happens.
  4. How many pounds put on during quarantine — Even split again between those who restrained themselves and put on less than ten, and those who put on more than ten and/or put the scale in the recycle bin. It’s hard to be around the fridge 24/7….
  5. Things that are better during this time — There was strong agreement that having telemarketers off work, too, is a great thing. And we haven’t lost our sense of humor. Half enjoy going to the bank with a mask on and asking for money, legally.
  6. What have you learned about yourself? — People got philosophical in their lockdown days. Some of their comments:
    • Books will see me through the long days.
    • Life is about more than being out and running around. It’s nice to think.
    • I have more patience.
    • I can actually do laundry (don’t tell my spouse)
    • I watch the news.
    • I’m so old I just stick to my routine… three meals a day and strawberries for dessert! (Sometimes with chocolate.)
    • I can persevere.
    • I am actually looking forward to working again.

Our survey is now closed.

Thanks for playing along.

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