‘The Industry You Never Knew Existed’

TRSA video aims to raise profile of industrial laundry

TRSA has launched a video campaign aimed at creating awareness of the linen, uniform and facility services industry.

The video opens with children describing their parent’s job and why they think those jobs are important. It builds up to a child whose parent works in laundry, as a route service representative. This child is stumped and can’t think of what his parent does. This gives his father the opportunity to step in and shed light on his role in the laundry process. He highlights how the laundry industry not only interacts with society, and the other jobs mentioned, but that it’s a much larger industry than people are even aware of.

Clean and Simple Marketing (C&SM) was selected to produce the video for TRSA. Maddie Schneider, head of marketing relations at C&SM, stated that, “We were honored to bring this video concept to fruition with the help of the TRSA Marketing Committee. The Marketing Committee was looking for an attention-grabbing and question-answering concept, something that even children can relate to, all while bringing awareness to the laundry industry. We were able to incorporate the actual plant footage from TRSA members across the country. We’re always looking for those authentic touches when telling a story as important as this one. It’s about time people from all over understand the impact that this industry makes on the day-to-day lives it touches.”

The two-minute spot was edited down to two 30-second spots that is being promoted through social media outlets. TRSA plans to put media dollars in support of the campaign through Google display ads, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. In addition to paid media, Cody Brazil, TRSA’s digital marketing manager added that, “With a grassroots approach, we will be pushing the video out to our members. Our goal is to have members promote on their LinkedIn and company websites, building awareness for the industry as a whole.”

You can watch the video here.

We asked Susie Jackson, senior director of marketing communications at TRSA, for more background on the video project.

What prompted TRSA to take on this campaign? What is involved in it?

Susie Jackson

The Marketing & Sales Committee of TRSA is a group of volunteer TRSA members who are marketing and communications professionals in the industry. Our committee mission is to advance the interests of our members through collaboration and development of resources and programs. Our main goal for 2023 was to develop two videos that would promote the industry with objectives of raising the awareness of the industry as an essential service and educating the public on the benefits of commercial laundry. This video campaign was the first of two; our second project will be completed in November.

The video is really cute. How are you utilizing it?

The videos are available on our website for all TRSA members to download and promote through their own websites, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. TRSA itself is putting some money behind it through a month long (8/14-9/8) paid digital media campaign including placement on Google display and YouTube ads, as well as Instagram and Facebook posts. We are also posting organically on LinkedIn. versions.

Have you gotten any reaction to the video that you can share?

One phrase summed it up from an industry executive after we had posted on TS Weekly, our weekly newsletter: ‘BEST VIDEO EVER!’ — Lenore Law, President California Textiles.

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