Who will be our Canadian Industry Person of the Year?

It’s up to YOU to decide!

Each year for the past several years we have saluted a person who typifies what it means to be the best of the best and named them the Canadian Industry Person of the Year. Due to the pandemic, we skipped last year. Everybody was just trying to survive. But now, the award is back!

This is a special honor because we ask you, our readers, to nominate the people from whom we choose the winner. Here are the criteria:

  1. Must be a Canadian and work in the fabricare industry.
  2. Must have a passion for the industry.
  3. You must write a recommendation for them to received the award.

It can be a dry or wet cleaner, a launderer, someone in the allied trades, a person who mentored you when you came into the field, a great success, a quiet success that you admire… you get the idea. We want to salute someone for what they bring to our industry and highlight what’s good in Canadian fabricare.

How do you nominate someone?

Send an email to: Becca Anderson, Editor

Tell us why you feel this person should be made our Industry Person of the Year. Be specific. We’ll use your winning recommendation as our launching pad for an interview article with the honoree.


Who has won in the past?

Larry Tessier, Busy Bee Cleaners
Rodd LeBlanc, Vail’s Fabric Services
Bernie Robitaille, The Press Gallery
Pierre Charbonneau, ALLQ
Dave Barker, Drycleaning By Dave
Martin Jamieson, Deluxe Dry Cleaners
David Quinton, Quintex
Betty Skoutakis, Sketchly Cleaners
Rob McConnell, Gibson’s Cleaners
Peter Blunden, East Coast Laundry Systems
Wanda Ackert, Krazee Klean
Sid Chelsky, Canadian Fabricare Association

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