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If you’re not already an industry association member, you should consider becoming one. Being the member of an association is an important step in coming together with individual operators and suppliers. Membership provides opportunities to advocate with a collective voice in the decisions that help shape the industry. There are also many benefits to members including networking opportunities, conferences, professional development and mentorships, access to discounts and resources, renewed professional relationships and even social gatherings.

The dry cleaning and laundry industries are privileged to have access to a number of different associations that could be very beneficial to your business.

To help you find the best fit, we’ve asked several associations for a brief summary of who they are, what they do, and how members can benefit from affiliation. Check out our 2024 Canadian Associations Directory for a complete list of board members and contact information. The associations are only as strong as the commitments of their active members.

Association Des Locateurs De Linge Du Québec (ALLQ)

The Association Des Locateurs De Ling Du Québec has been around for more than forty years and benefits from financial stability, exceptional in the industry. The association, through its organizational infrastructure, minimizes loss of time and money for its members. Being an association member allows you to participate in all activities prepared internally by a manager in office.

Objectives of the ALLQ:

  • Represent the industry before Governments and all private or public organizations.
  • Promote research and development through the improvement of processes, products, production and marketing practices for the needs of the profession.
  • Promote and defend the interests of the profession.
  • Allow members to be informed and communicate with each other during activities organized by the association.

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L’Association Des Locateurs De Ling Du Québec existe depuis plus de quarante ans et bénéficie d’une stabilité financière, exceptionnelle dans l’industrie. L’association, grâce à son infrastructure organisationnelle, minimise les pertes de temps et d’argent pour ses membres. Être membre de l’association vous permet de participer à toutes les activités préparées en interne par un manager en fonction.

Les objectigs de l’ALLQ :

  • Représenter l’industrie auprès des Gouvernements et de tous les organismes privés ou publics.
  • Promouvoir Ia recherche et le développement par l’amélioration des procédés, des produits, des pratiques de production et de commercialisation pour les besoins de Ia profession.
  • Promouvoir et défendre les intérêts de Ia profession.
  • Permettre aux membres d’être informés et de communiquer entre eux lors d’activités organisées par l’association.

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American Reusable Textile Association (ARTA)

ARTA was founded in 1982 by Dr. Nathan Belkin, then with Fashion Seal Uniforms, to help the textile services industry compete with the disposable nonwoven products industry.

When disposable, single-use products first appeared, they were not considered a threat to the textile services industry based on expense and environmental concerns. But the disposables industry organized an association, the International Nonwoven and Disposables Association (INDA), composed of some of the nation’s largest corporations, to change government and consumer perceptions of disposable products. In the healthcare field, INDA was successful in getting Medicare to reimburse healthcare providers on a cost-plus basis for single-use products and helped to push for the Medical Device Act, which imposed regulations on the manufacture and performance of medical devices.

It was evident that the reusable textiles industry needed to act against INDA, and do so in a timely manner. In 1982, Belkin brought together a consortium of fibre producers, mills, fabricators, distributors, laundry equipment manufacturers and detergent and chemical manufacturers to fight the disposables industry. Ninety companies formed ARTA, determined to have their voices heard.

ARTA’s first milestone was to stop the reclassification of a series of nonwoven medical devices by the Food and Drug Administration. This reclassification of nonwoven medical devices from Class II to Class I would have required reusable products to meet the FDA’s performance standards and would have exempted the single-use disposable products from having to do the same. ARTA’s second notable achievement was the stalemating of legislation that would have reduced the tariff on disposable products manufactured in Mexico. Subsequently, the North American Free Trade Agreement eliminated this legislation entirely.

Donald Pedder became the first laundry operator to join ARTA in 1992. Pedder, who later served as president, from 2004 to 2008, expanded the number of laundry operator members and today they make up 50% of ARTA’s membership. 

Since ARTA’s inception, it has conducted and participated in education seminars on reusables. In 2006, then president Donald Pedder launched ARTA’s biennial Education Conference and also developed its sponsorship program.

ARTA held its first Green Conference in 2010 focusing on the issue of sustainability and research, trends and issues that affect the textile services industry’s ability to market the benefits of reusable textiles.

In 2013, ARTA commissioned Environmental Clarity to perform its first life cycle analysis (LCA) comparing the environmental impact of reusable versus disposable cleanroom coveralls. Since then, we’ve conducted LCAs on isolation gowns, surgical gowns and incontinence pads. The cleanroom coveralls, isolation gown and surgical gown research have all been published and peer reviewed. This research, all conducted by Environmental Clarity, provides incontrovertible evidence that reusable medical textiles offer dramatic improvements in environmental benefits versus their single-use counterparts.

ARTA presented the first Nate Belkin Award for Excellence in Marketing Reusable Textiles in 2017 to the person and/or organization that most effectively realizes ARTA’s mission to create greater awareness and appreciation for reusable textiles. The award is presented biennially at The Clean Show during ARTA’s Member Breakfast.

ARTA’s first peer-reviewed economic and environmental impact study on cleanroom garments was published in the PDA Journal in September 2021. The study, conducted for ARTA’s Cleanroom Committee by Environmental Clarity, documents that reusables are 58% less expensive than their disposable counterparts, which results in $120 million savings in annual garment purchases and laundry costs industry wide annually. 

ARTA is committed to positioning reusable textiles as the first choice among consumers. It supports the three R’s of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and it promote the three C’s of reusable textiles: Comfort, Cost and Conservation.

To deliver on its promise to members, ARTA:

  • Provides educational events, free marketing and sales resources, industry research, and its library of data on the benefits of reusable textiles.
  • Provides a forum for the exchange of information and best practices, focusing on key economic and environmental issues.
  • Monitors legislative and regulatory initiatives and provides an effective voice to communicate its concerns legislative and regulatory decision-makers.

ARTA’s Advocacy Goals:

  • HELPmember makers of reusable textile products achieve an equal footing with disposable products as regulated by the Medicare Program and the Medical Device Act. Objective achieved.
  • PREVENTdisposables from slipping past Federal Drug Administration performance standards. Objective achieved.
  • SCHEDULEmeetings with government officials concerning issues of interest to members. Objective ongoing.

Our members represent all facets of the industry: manufacturers and suppliers of textiles, machinery and chemicals, professional and trade associations and the operators who clean and deliver textiles.

ARTA maintains strong ties with many industry groups, a significant network of like-minded organizations that offer ARTA broad support in legislative and regulatory actions and for building and maintaining a critical knowledge base for industry growth opportunities.

  • American Apparel Manufacturers (AAMA)
  • Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)
  • Association for Laundry Management (ALM)
  • European Textile Services Association (ETSA)
  • Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC)
  • Independent Textile Rental Association (ITRA)
  • Textile Rental Services Association of America (TRSA)

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Alberta Textile Care Association (ATCA)

The Alberta Textile Care Association is the professional trade association for Western Canada’s drycleaners and launderers and the companies who serve them. It was formed in the 1970s, originally to serve as the Voice of the Textile Care Industry in Alberta but, while its role has not changed, it now covers the entire textile care industry in Western Canada.

At all times, the Association aims to be a credible, knowledgeable, and effective voice of the Textile Care industry whether in providing information and guidance to members or when dealing with public at large or government and regulatory bodies. It also aims, to unite members in a common quest for professionalism through ethical obligations, competent service to the customer and dedication to the interest and welfare of the public at large through environmentally sound and safe practices.

The Association is an active, vibrant organization of successful dry cleaners and launderers who have agreed to abide by a Code of Ethics and are working together to make the Textile Care Industry a more professional group dedicated to serving its customers. While there may be changes in the industry, in the needs of consumers and the perceptions and values of society the Association will, at all times, continue to promote these high standards of professional conduct to protect the interests of consumers and safeguard the rights of the public at large.

Its primary roles are:

  • To liaise with Provincial, and where necessary, the Federal, governments to influence policies and legislation affecting the industry.
  • To encourage consistently high standards of integrity within the Textile Care Industry.
  • To develop and provide a range of member services to enhance the professionalism of the Industry.
  • To provide and promote continuous education and training within the industry so as to ensure that the industry reflects modern requirements.
  • To be a credible, knowledgeable, and effective voice of the Textile Care industry.

All members of the Association are readily recognizable by the ATCA logo and Code of Ethics displayed in their shops.

The Association provides a public website with a member only section to:

  • Help the public find dry cleaners in their area.
  • Provide a point of contact for the public to voice any concerns they may have about service from the Industry.
  • Assist dry cleaners to get the most from the Association by providing the latest information on the Association and its services.

In addition to access to the website, all members receive a range of services including:

  • A regular newsletter covering business and regulatory topics and on-line notifications
  • An annual convention and training seminars
  • Occasional “Town Hall” meetings
  • Occasional social events

For more information visit:

Association of Wedding Gown Specialists (AWGS)

The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists (AWGS), a not-for-profit trade association of cleaners in eight countries who focus on caring for specialty gowns and luxury garments, proudly announces the launch of an all-new website ( Designed not only to appeal to wedding couples but also to provide AWGS members with a seamless and enriching experience, the new website includes a members’ only section featuring information and resources. To celebrate the new site, AWGS is offering membership in the Association at half the initial fee plus free registration for the annual meeting February 22-25, 2024, at Dublin Cleaners in Columbus, Ohio.

As part of the AWGS commitment to helping wedding gown specialists grow their sales, lower their costs, and expand their bottom line, the new website is geared to be a game-changer. Key features of the website and the special membership offer include exclusive trademarks and logos, training and technical support provided by industry leaders as well as access to resources, insights, and industry knowledge. Members also benefit from gown care labels referring brides to them, deeply discounted costs for vendor listings on top wedding websites, and special pricing on archival-quality wedding chests for preserving cherished gowns.

Greg and Margaret Butler of Dublin Cleaners, recipients of the prestigious Jack Barth Memorial Award of Excellence in 2022, shared their thoughts on the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists: “The meetings are amazing, being able to share and learn about a lot of ideas from other peers in this specialized service, as well as spending time with some really terrific people. Together with our son Brian we look forward to hosting the meeting in February.”

The special membership offer expires February 28, 2024.

For more information, please contact AWGS at

Canadian Cleaners and Launders Allied Trades Association (CLATA)

We are an Allied Trade organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the laundry and dry cleaning industry. Our members are passionate about working together to create a thriving and sustainable industry. We are international with members in Canada, USA and Europe.

Our mission is to advocate for the interests of our members and provide them with resources and opportunities for growth and success. We strive to create a strong and vibrant business community that benefits everyone. 

By joining CLATA, you will have access to a variety of benefits, including networking events, professional development opportunities, and marketing and advertising support. You will also have opportunities to connect with other local business owners and share your expertise and knowledge.

For more information visit:

Canadian Fabricare Association (CFA)

Founded in 1949 as the Dry Cleaners & Launderers Institute of Ontario (DCLIO), the Canadian Fabricare Association is a body of professional dry cleaners dedicated to the improvement of the Fabricare industry in Canada, through the establishment of good management, ethical conduct, top quality training and proper operating procedures.

We maintain close ties with other organizations such as the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute and CINET. The combined relationship of these organizations provides an unequaled amount of knowledge and problem-solving techniques that would not be readily available on an individual basis.

Our members often find themselves in the forefront of new products and technology. Sharing this knowledge with other members at training seminars and conferences helps secure our position in the community. No longer just a dry cleaner, the CFA member of today will be a fabricare specialist capable of handling hundreds of different variations of fibers and fabrics.

Maintaining the customer’s trust and providing top quality service using both solvent and aqueous cleaning methods is our number one priority. Through close co-operation with the Federal and Provincial Governments, our members are all certified environmental cleaners sharing the knowledge and responsibility of what it takes to keep our air and water safe.

In the years to come the need for change will demand more from all of us. The way we do things may not fit tomorrow’s plan. As responsible business people, we will be expected to meet the challenge in an ever-changing climate, to understand the customers’ needs and to assume an even greater commitment to our environment.

CFA was founded to give dry cleaners and launderers in Ontario a united voice in issues that affect their businesses and livelihood. The Canadian Fabricare Association represents its members on the local, provincial, and national level to ensure regulations and laws are based on factual information and fairness to all concerned.

CFA holds an annual conference to discuss many topics and invites member and non-member professionals alike to the conference.

Benefits to current members include:

  • Free membership to Drycleaners & Laundry Institute (DLI)
  • EZ Products International Inc. offers members a $100 USD credit off purchases
  • The Route Pro provides their Building Profitable Routes Manual to all members and includes a 30-minute follow-up consultation.
  • SMRT offers 2 months free for CFA members who sign up for 12 months of SMRT marketing.
  • GreenEarth Cleaning offers a $200 credit for GreenEarth products.
  • R.R. Street & Co. Inc. offers a $150 credit for all new CFA members towards the purchase of any Street’s, Adco, Laidlaw, Puritan and/or Flex products.

For more information and a complete list of member benefits, visit

International Association for Healthcare Textile Management (IAHTM)

Founded in 1968 as the Association of Cooperative Hospital Laundries, the International Association for Healthcare Textile Management (IAHTM) was born of a desire to create an open forum where members can share mutually beneficial ideas and information. Today, more than 50 years later, our mission has grown and evolved to support, advocate for, and promote the healthcare textile industry through education and shared learning.

A non-profit, membership-based organization, IAHTM offers resources to senior-level textile managers of healthcare laundry cooperatives to help maximize efficiencies and control costs – without compromising quality or patient focus.

As the world’s largest central healthcare laundry organization, our membership services roughly 7,000 healthcare facilities across the United States and Canada, processing more than 800 million pounds of clean linen annually.

IAHTM holds an Annual Education Conference:

2024 Palm Springs, California – May 3-8

2025 Ft. Worth, Texas – September 12-17

For more information, please contact Christy Carper, Executive Director, 208-964-2923

Or visit the website:

The International Drycleaners Congress (IDC)

IDC was formed in 1959, when forward-thinking professionals in the U.S.A. and Japan reached across the ocean in friendship, co-operation, and professional goodwill by holding an international convention in Tokyo to deepen the mutual understanding between the cleaners in both Japan and the United States. Over 200 delegates not only from Japan and United States but also from Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea and other Asian countries attended this conference and the attendees passed a resolution “that hereafter, the convention will be held each year.” As envisioned by its founders, annual conventions (until Covid struck) were held all over the world and membership was expanded to all countries.

IDC is a non-profit organization with the mission not just to meet with other industry leaders, but also to see and learn about the people and the country hosting the IDC conventions. It is a unique international forum for fostering friendship, as well as exchanging ideas and knowledge among industry members everywhere in the world. The “Spirit of IDC” envisioned by the founders is to respect and appreciate people everywhere with the goal that it will lead to a finer industry and better world for all. And, to further the cause, members have travelled to dozens of countries together, explored technologies, reported on their own countries’ progress, and exchanged ideas.

The general control and management of the organization is vested in an elected Board of Directors consisting of the President, Executive Director, President-Elect, First Vice President, Treasurer-Occident, and several regional Vice Presidents. Most IDC Directors are often leaders in their respective national organizations and, therefore, have no conflict of interest in their dual professional leadership roles. In addition, national association executives and research directors are regular speakers at IDC convention programs. This has elevated IDC to the unique position of an international forum for the professional textile care industry.

IDC is not just another business organization, or ideal, but it is also down-to-earth in that the members get valuable information that they can use in their daily work, make more money and enjoy their business. It is also more than a “once-a-year” conference in that members make lasting friendships and are free to discuss problems and opportunities at any time—regular exchange of information benefits the industry worldwide.

Any industry professional is eligible to join IDC, after pledging to uphold the values and ideals of the organization.

For more information visit:

Fabricare Canada salutes the work these associations have done to make our industry more profitable and stable, and urges you to find the one that meets your needs and join it. Make 2024 the year you plug in and make a difference.

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