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Delivering the Canadian Market

The Best Vehicle for Bringing Your Advertising Message to Canadians.



Fabricare Canada is Unique!

Fabricare Canada has evolved from a 1920 publication started by far-sighted members of the textile industry. Today, it covers the full spectrum of fabric care in Canada and the world. Feature articles include innovative business ideas, environmental issues, conferences and exhibitions. Other well-read sections are Industry News, appointments and Product News. The Annual Buyer's Guide is the Canadian industry's standard resource for making purchasing decisions.


The Voice of Canada's Fabricare Industry

Fabricare Canada values its place as the voice of the Canadian industry. Publisher Marcia Todd has accepted plaques from the Eastern Canadian Laundering and Cleaning Association, the Atlantic Provinces Association, the Alberta Drycleaners Association, the British Columbia Fabricare Association and the International Drycleaners Congress for her magazine's service to the industry.

She was a corresponding member in the Strategic Options Process set up by Environment Canada to study proposed environmental legislation and has kept her readers informed about this activity. In addition, she was an instructor in the Environment Certification Program in Ontario.

Fabricare Canada is a strong supporter of the Canadian associations and promotes industry solidarity by including summaries in French and Korean as often as possible. It is a member of the Canadian Cleaners and Launderers Allied Trades Association and works with this group to serve and inform the industry in Canada.


Canada: A Good Market

Stringent environmental laws in Canada force owner/operators to continually upgrade their equipment to new standards. This makes Canada a ready market for today's technologies.

In addition, the government has officially endorsed wet cleaning as one of the strategies to meet its target of cutting the consumption of perchloroethylene in Canada by 70% from 1994 levels. This presents an exceptional marketing opportunity for manufacturers of wet cleaning supplies and equipment.


Readership Overview

Our Readers are Your Clients!

Fabricare Canada is free to qualified industry professionals, ensuring a wide readership for your advertisement.  According to a nation-wide survey conducted by Jean-Jacques Guibault Research and Marketing, Fabricare Canada has a pass-along rate of 1.9 readers per copy.  

Magazine Circulation

Fabricare Canada has predominantly Controlled circulation, with the magazine reaching business owners, suppliers, distributors, consultants and others with a connection to the textile care industry. Paid circulation is to subscribers outside Canada and the U.S., to cover postal costs.  Over 98% of our circulation is Controlled.

Canadian and U.S. Distribution




Information about our Circulation

Our list is corrected by Canadian and U.S. postal replies after each mailing.

The Canadian readership includes every company in the fabric care field in the country, as best we can determine. Associations and the allied trades have been very cooperative in helping us reach the entire Canadian industry.

We have gained our U.S. readers through trade shows, their participation in cost groups and other industry organizations, and by personal recommendations. We are proud to say these numbers increase regularly.

Our international subscriptions represent industry leaders and libraries.

Brochures and flyers can be mailed in a polybag along with the magazine to all subscribers, or to any portion of the circulation.  Ask for a quotation.

2020 Editorial Calendar and Deadlines:

  2020 editorial calendar
Issue Space Reservation Advertising Material Publication Date
Jan/Feb 2020
Wet Cleaning
Dec. 20, 2019 Jan 10, 2020 Jan. 31
March/April 2020
Environmental Remediation
Feb. 21 Feb. 29 March 27
May/June 2020
Hall of Fame II
April 24 May 1 May 29 1
July/Aug 2020
Annual Laundry Issue
Clean Show Report
June 26 July 2 July 31
Sept/Oct 2020
What's the Plan?
Strategic Planning 101
Aug. 21 Aug. 28 Sept. 25
Nov/Dec 2020
Annual Buyer's Guide Issue
Canadian Industry Person of the Year
Oct. 23 Oct. 31 Nov. 27

This calendar is a forecast only -- it will be updated at intervals during the year.