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Fabricare Canada is dedicated to making it easier for companies within our industry to do business together.  Our Buyer's Guide lists suppliers, manufacturers and service providers that are interested in doing business with the textile care industry, and have representation in Canada.

We publish our Guide in our November/December issue of the magazine each year.  All companies listed in the current Guide are contacted for updating of their information when we put together the new Guide.  There is NO CHARGE to be listed in our Guide.

You do have the opportunity to include your logo, for a nominal charge.  The Buyer's Guide issue each year is an excellent place to advertise since subscribers keep that issue throughout the year as a handy reference. Because we have a digital version of our magazine, and archive past issues, your information will always be available to readers.

To be included in the Guide, complete and submit the form below.

(We reserve the right to edit information submitted for clarity, brevity, and editorial standards.)


Additions to Buyers Guide

NOTE: All listings will be restricted to 100 words (including contact information). If you submit a listing longer than the guideline, it will be edited to fit.

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NOTE: If you do not have an advertisement in the Buyer's Guide issue, your logo(s) must be PREPAID via CREDIT CARD prior to the deadline. Our Home Page includes a link to a Secure server for this transaction. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for your convenience. If you have an ad in the issue, the logo charge will appear on your invoice.

We will email you an invoice when you send this form, including the applicable GST or GST/HST for Canadian companies. This is additional to the costs listed below.

      Logo with your free listing in the Guide -- $75.
      No logo with listing.

If you are not a regular advertiser, and want your logo with your listing e-mail a high-quality logo to: samantha@fabricarecanada.com.


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